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With Gratitude

For so many the weight of the world carried on shoulders and hearts and minds can be/become overwhelming and the practice of gratitude might be the last thing one wants to add to the agenda. But like smiling through tears, pausing for a moment to find the silver lining in hard circumstance can shine a… Continue reading With Gratitude

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Carrying Our Giants

(From the movie, Facing Your Giants) I've not seen this movie, but I heard this portion of the movie somewhere quite some time ago. It popped into my mind as I have been thinking about those who have really hard circumstances in their life; circumstances that have no foreseeable end in sight. Circumstances that yell… Continue reading Carrying Our Giants

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Who Am I?

I have notebooks and journals scattered from hither to yon and I've started transcribing all the hand-written to electronic format in some organizational fashion for easy find and reference. I found this today...written 8/17/16.  _________________________________________________________________________________________ Who Am I? I try to capture her, but she is fleeting. One moment calm and sure; the next anxious… Continue reading Who Am I?