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As we were driving away from a week unplugged from all technology devices a new friend sitting behind me on the bus asked where my phone was. I said it was in my purse and held up my journal and they said, "Good girl." I said out loud that my phone provides a sense of… Continue reading Untethered

Character · Connection · Healing · Identity · strength · Wisdom

Love Is…

Written 4/5/14 I once knew love. It went on a hike with me up to a waterfall and called me a b* along the way. And when my feelings were terribly hurt, it said, "Don't be silly! You know I love you!" I once knew love. After three months it married me. It lied and… Continue reading Love Is…

Fortitude · Healing · Identity · Surrender

Who Am I?

I have notebooks and journals scattered from hither to yon and I've started transcribing all the hand-written to electronic format in some organizational fashion for easy find and reference. I found this today...written 8/17/16.  _________________________________________________________________________________________ Who Am I? I try to capture her, but she is fleeting. One moment calm and sure; the next anxious… Continue reading Who Am I?