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With Gratitude

2017-07-22 14.13.57

For so many the weight of the world carried on shoulders and hearts and minds can be/become overwhelming and the practice of gratitude might be the last thing one wants to add to the agenda. But like smiling through tears, pausing for a moment to find the silver lining in hard circumstance can shine a sunbeam straight through the rain.

For those who may share in a present hard season, I am going to capture a glimpse of this moment. Won’t you join me and share your sunbeams in the comments?

I am grateful for:

Heat Intolerance…because it has caused me to spend a lot of time inside my home, cultivating and nurturing an environment that is safe, peaceful, and pretty – a Sanctuary.

Unemployment…because my greatest desire is to be home with my daughter. I can see how my being home more has given her comfort and she has more peace; she feels like I am here now – present, rather than running around taking care of all of life’s other responsibilities. And she matters more than anything.

Perspective…because there is always more than one. Difficult is only ever void of value and meaning when we focus solely on the difficulty.

Writing…because pouring it all out allows me to see with my eyes, what is inside; and I learn.

Hardship…because it draws me to a strength greater than my own. I can do all these things through He who gives me strength. Phil 4:13 And I am strengthened.

A pained body…because it has caused me to slow way down and see things more clearly; and see things I’d have otherwise overlooked; like #loveiseverywhere


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