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What’s in a Name?


whats in a nameWritten 2/14/17

Would you answer if someone called you by another name?

My name given at birth, is Nicole. It means victorious. My parents did not name me Victoria – Victorious – but it still translates all the same. I go by Nikki. Does it change me? When a loved one calls you a pet name – sweetie, lovey, babe – do you answer? Would you answer to that name spoken by another’s voice? Or the one you recognize calling it?

What is the name of love? The One that calls you? God? Jesus? Holy Spirit? Yahweh? Jehovah? I AM? What if the name of love is not a name by our own understanding, but a sense greater than words can describe? Must we name it for the validation of other’s understanding?

The sheep hear and know their shepherd’s voice. Do they follow the call of their fellow flock? Or the one leading?

What is in a name? Identification. Relationship. Mama. Babe. Seester. Lover of my soul.

Who am I, that I have so many names? Who is God that He does? Does it invalidate my person to be named one thing by one but does not translate to another? Only one will ever call me Mama. I am daughter only to two. Is my identity and humanity less real, less valid to all the rest, who do not find their identity and relationship to me in these same names? God the Father may not ever fit or translate for a one with father wounds. What does love need to be named to be known? To be heard? To be realized? Perhaps another name that translates the nature of vs. a picture of for the one seeking to know. Perhaps this name won’t fit my idea or ideal because just as I am Mama to only one…the great I AM may be a beloved pet name for a one who can identify only through the identity of a different name.

Perhaps so many are lost, eluding being found because they cannot hear or identify or claim relationships with a God who is supposed to be love but is represented so poorly by those trying to enforce their ideal and their relationship according to their own understanding, down everyone’s neck. I will be no one else’s Mama, no matter how hard I try to convince anyone. I am bonded in t this way only to one. I cannot subscribe or identify with a God of love whose representatives exhibit anything but love; rather, judgment, hatred, vitriol, duplicity, vengeance, separation.

What if the name is what we know, and we live our life accordingly? Even if the name is foreign to others but easily identified by behavior? It’s not hard to know that I am one girl’s Mama. One does not need to question the relationship. Does my life equally exhibit an obvious relationship to a greater love? Not because the name is relevant but because the nature of the name is?


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